Friday, September 15, 2017

Mrs. Burch's Weekly Update 9/15/17

Hi, families!  We had a second great week!  We are working on staying quiet and listening to directions.  Since we have 29 students, it's important to make sure we're listening and ready to learn! :)

I entered the spelling tests into PowerSchool, however I did not include the points in your child's total grade since I mixed up the words this week.  Sorry about that!  Apparently I'm also getting back into the swing of things!!  Make sure to check PowerSchool frequently.  I update several times per week.  I sent home information on how to log into PowerSchool at Open House.  Please contact the office if you are having trouble logging in or need your child's login/password information again.

Next Week:
Reading: Fluency week 2, Daily 5, Keven Henkes author study
Writing: Writer's Workshop--Personal Narratives (planning/drafting)
Spelling: Week 2 (skill: short vowel sounds)
Science: Measuring Matters Lesson 2
Social Studies: Where in the World is our Community?

🌟Star of the week this week was Blake!  
🌟Next week's Star of the week is Devin!
🎂Happy birthday this week to both Blake and Devin!!  
Have a wonderful weekend! 
Melissa :)


Monday, September 11, 2017

Fluency & Spelling

Hi, parents!  

We are beginning reading fluency homework in second grade this week.  Students are bringing home the fluency directions and homework today.  It is a one minute read Monday-Thursday.  On Thursday (or another night that works better) students need to answer the questions on the back of the sheet.  The last question needs to be written in a complete sentence, with a capital and correct punctuation (worth 3 points).  Fluency homework is due every Friday!  This homework is worth 10 points for the week and will be recorded in PowerSchool as a Reading grade each week.

We also began spelling lessons today.  Your child is bringing home his/her Word Preview sheet.  The Word Preview words are five words from the second grade "Core Words" and/or "No Excuse Words" he/she needs to know.  Please make sure to practice these words with your child throughout the week!   Spelling Homework will be brought home on Wednesday evening to reinforce the weekly skill.  Spelling homework is due on Thursday.  Thursday we will review the homework and on Friday we will have our weekly spelling test.  Students will be tested on first grade words (No Excuse Words) and second grade words (Core Words) throughout the school year.  Words are recycled throughout the year.  It is important for them to learn these words not only for a test, but for ever!!  Please see the attached lists of words for your reference. 
Please let me know if you have any questions!  Have a great week! :)


Monday, June 12, 2017

Two things...

Hi, parents!  Just a reminder that we are playing kickball outside tomorrow afternoon.  Please make sure to send a water bottle and sunscreen!  Also, we will be cleaning out desks and lockers tomorrow, so please remind your child to empty his/her backpack tonight!  Thanks! 😊


Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Field Trip Reminders!

Good morning!  Tomorrow is our walking field trip to downtown Howell!  Please make sure students bring a disposable sack lunch with his/her name clearly labeled.  Please also make sure your child wears socks and tennis shoes--no flip flops!    

Students should not bring phones/electronic devices to take pictures.  Parents will be taking pictures and sharing them out with me--which I will share with you!  We don't want to lose anyone's phones/electronics around town.    

Please let me know if you have any questions!  It should be a fun day! :)


Friday, June 2, 2017

Important News and Notes from 2nd grade! (6/2)

Hi, parents!  Attached is the social studies review for quarter 4.  We worked in class today for 35 minutes and will also review on Monday.  I had students bring their review sheets home, even if they were not finished. Stapled to their review sheet is the answer key, for your reference.  I wanted to make sure you had the answers to review with your child over the weekend.  We will take the test on Tuesday.

Our class is teaming up with Ms. Ballarin's class to make some quiet games for our new Hutchings Garden!  Please see this link for items needed.  Thank you in advance for your donations!  Please send in donations by Tuesday, June 6.  THANK YOU!!

We are going to have a busy eight last days of school!  On Monday our Pen Pals from Voyager are visiting!  On Wednesday we have our Howell Walking Field Trip!  On Friday is the Hutchings Showcase!  We will be working on our new Garden Games, Father's Day presents, MakerSpace projects with our 5th grade buddies, finishing up our studies in all subjects, have a 2nd grade kickball tournament, and complete our 2nd grade school memories!  It should be a busy, but fun last week and a half of school!!  

If you are chaperoning the Howell Walking Field Trip, please make sure to be at school by 9am.  We will give you your information packets, group scavenger hunts, and go over a few things with you before we load the busses.  You will drive separately and meet us on the lawn of the Court House at 9:30.  Please make sure to bring a backpack (to hold your group's lunches) and wear comfortable shoes!  We'll be doing a lot of walking!!  

Thank you for everything you do!!  Have a wonderful weekend!!
Melissa :)


Mrs. Burch's Weekly Update 9/15/17

Hi, families!  We had a second great week!  We are working on staying quiet and listening to directions.  Since we have 29 students, it'...